We are dedicated industry professionals in General and Maritime Business.

image2We Provide guidance in understanding and resolution of complex operational challenges in:


  • Ocean and inland freight Transportation and General Business.
  • Maritime Operations and Ground Transportation Management.
  • Technical support on Cargo operations and Vessel clearance.
  • Company Operations Review and Required Policies Implementation.
  • Ship Finance, Supply Chain Vulnerability, Ports and Terminals Management.


  • Experience in dry bulk cargoes in negotiation, and charter parties.
  • Strong foundation in post fixture operations.
  • Expertise in coordination of owned and time chartered vessels’ day-to-day operations.

Foreign Investments:

  • Project Management.
  • Portfolio Management.
  • Resource Allocation and Distribution.
  • Risk Analysis and Reporting.
  • Promotion and Commercial Development.

Energy & Petroleum Consultancy:

Are you in Oil and Gas Trading or Shipping Business?

We help you make Cost Effective decisions to maximize your Profits in:

  • Oil Exploration, Production and Shipping.
  • Petroleum Products Transport from Origin to Destination.
  • Economics of New Freight and Spot Markets.
  • Cost Efficiency Analysis of Various Export Refiners.

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